Kim Kardashian's Baby Boy, Psalm West, Looks Like Late Granpa, Robert Kardashian, In New Photo

Kim Kardashian's Baby Boy, Psalm West, Looks Like Late Granpa, Robert Kardashian, In New Photo
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Kim Kardashian is followed by controversies, no matter where she goes. Over the weekend, Kanye West's wife took to social media and she posted a sweet makeup-free photo where she is holding her baby boy, Psalm West.

In the photo, Kim is tightly holding her three-month-old son, who is staring at the camera. Kim used the caption to reveal that Psalm is a good baby who sleeps through the night.

The reality TV star said: "My little man is the sweetest ever! He’s honestly the best baby. Sleeps through the night and by far my most calm. How did I get so lucky."

The businesswoman was hit with a few harsh comments like the one below: "Even If he didn’t sleep through the night it wouldn’t bother you you’ve got a nanny 24 seven she would be the one getting up."

A defender said the baby looked like Kim's dad and added: "💝💝💝💝💝💝he is so beautiful he looks like your dad.a man can say that while a women's bond with their baby is something a man will never feel. Regardless of a nanny or not once a mother hears her newborn in the night we, mothers jump up to attend our babies. Ryan wishes you knew what that was like... But you never will. Sry dude."

A critic added: "I guess you got lucky with the surrogate 😂😂 who is his mum anyway."

This fan clapped back: "I agree. He does. I was going to say he looks like her, but his grandpa is more accurate.soon as I saw him saw his dad face! 🙈 Twins. Biology isn't your strong point, is it? The baby is genetically Kim and Kanye's. It was just carried by someones else. Genetics if you have four kids, 1/4 always has a different look from recessive genes. He has a very middle eastern look, and the kids are 1/4 that. Makes sense to me. Some of you all are just looking to make something up. Just like Kourtney, it took 3 to have one look most like her. I think Psalm is gorgeous and favors Kim's side of the family more. They will all grow into their look. Also, Psalm is small as he fills in; he will look more like Chi and Kim. All her kids are gorgeous. I go back and forth from thinking Saint is the cutest to North to Chi now Psalm. Its too much cuteness. I give up; they are all gorgeous."

Kim has a legion of backers willing to fight for her.

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