Kim Kardashian Suffers Backlash For Exposing Daughter To Snake - Animal Expert Says It Was A Bad Move

Kim Kardashian Suffers Backlash For Exposing Daughter To Snake - Animal Expert Says It Was A Bad Move
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According to a report from Page Six, a recent video posted by Kim Kardashian featuring her daughter, Chicago West, playing with a snake, was the subject of concern among some of her millions of Instagram followers.

As it was previously reported, Kim shared a video of her 1-year-old, Chicago, handling an adult albino corn snake, and Grant Kemmerer, an infamous snake trainer stated it wasn't a good move. Mr. Kemmerer, of Wild World Of Animals , said to the outlet that it wasn't a wise decision even though the snake appeared "easy-going."

Mr. Grant said to reporters from Page Six today that it wasn't "wise" to give a toddler a snake like that. Mr. Kemmerer pointed out that children often don't understand how gentle one must be to handle a snake, and he claimed it appeared as though Chicago was grasping the snake tightly around its head and body, potentially leading to a defensive serpent.

Moreover, Kemmerer, who has stopped by TV shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show , stated he was uncomfortable with how close Chicago was holding her face to the snake. Grant claims he would never do such a thing, especially in the case of a toddler, because so many things could go wrong.

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time Kim has faced off against social media outrage. Perhaps most recently, Kim was hit with considerable criticism regarding her clothing line, Kimono, which was a play on words regarding the Japanese traditional outfit, the "Kimono," as well as her name.

Initially, it appeared as though Kim wasn't taking it seriously, due to the amount she's frequently criticized online, however, once the mayor of Tokyo, Japan, wrote an essay describing the importance and significance of the Kimono in Japanese culture, Kim apologized.

Kim took to her social media previously to say she never meant to insult or offend anyone by making reference to the traditional Japanese garb and its importance to the culture.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star later added that she and Kanye had visited Japan many times and loved it there.


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