Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Are Reportedly Barely Speaking

Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Are Reportedly Barely Speaking
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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thomspon have celebrated their daughter's first birthday , during the past weekend. They both made sure to mark the event with Instagram posts, but it seems that the relationship between them is as broken as it can be.

An insider close to the family spilled the tea to Hollywood Life, and they said that the fact that they are barely speaking frustrates Khloe a lot.

'Khloe wants Tristan to be more involved in True’s life, and she’s interested to see how much he will make an effort to see their little girl now that the NBA season is behind him,' the source told the popular online magazine.

The same insider continued and said 'Khloe tries to include Tristan as much as possible, but it’s uncomfortable for Khloe given the fact that the communication is extremely minimal.'

The source said that ' Khloe  took all of the reigns on  True ‘s birthday this year. Birthdays are a big deal for Khloé , and she was planning on celebrating with or without  TristanKhloe  went all out for  True  from the second she woke up. Everything was planned from head-to-toe, and she talked about it for the last few months. She was looking forward to the day so much.'

As you probably know by now, the most recent even broke Khloe's heart. Tristan made out with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner's BFF and also a friend of the Kardashian family for years.

Khloe was devastated as she was probably hoping that Tristan would not cheat ever again.

Her fans and follower keep telling her to hold her head high and get over the cheating baby daddy already because he's just not worth it.

Haters have been telling Khloe that she had this coming and she deserves everything she got.

It has definitely been a tough time for Khloe this year, but she has True who is making her days brighter.


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