Porsha Williams' Latest Pics Have Her Fans Saying Baby PJ Made Her Age Backwards

Porsha Williams' Latest Pics Have Her Fans Saying Baby PJ Made Her Age Backwards
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Porsha Williams is one of the happiest moms out there. Since she gave birth to baby Pilar Jhena, she is radiating with joy and inner beauty and all this makes her even more beautiful on the outside as well.

Her fans even say that since she gave birth, she's aging backwards. Check out her latest post which had fans saying this.

'Lunchtime 🌭 & πŸ†= hotdogs & bae @workwincelebrate at @theoriginalhotdogfactory πŸ˜‹' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone told her 'Sister, you’re looking like a teenager. Pj made you age backward 😍'

Another follower agreed and said 'Looks mad good & u aging backwards looking like a teenager 😍😍😍'

One of her fans posted 'Porsha you can't be posting stuff like this. I'm on a diet and you got me ready to go get some wings! That food looks amazing!'

Someone shared a few thoughts as well: 'About 30 years ago here in Cleveland Ohio, I wanted it to be a restaurant that just sold Hotdogs and imagined it looking just like your husbands business, has he ever thought about franchising, there are way too many hamburger joints here, he could become more wealthy if he decided to make it a franchise.'

A supporter had a piece of advice for all young moms out there: 'U guys tripping, I had my twins by CSection in February and, by 2 weeks I’m up and about... u have to be active, it helps u heal faster and it prevents postpartum depression.'

Recently, Porsha shared some pics with her date night with Dennis McKinley and she looks stunning in a black dress.

She made sure to document the date on her social media for fans and followers and posted a few photos and videos .


Porsha was not ashamed with her postpartum body, and she made sure to flaunt it in a black skin tight dress.


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