Keyshia Cole Responded To Accusations That She Trashed Her Own LA Home

Keyshia Cole Responded To Accusations That She Trashed Her Own LA Home
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Keyshia Cole seems to be letting people know that they should not play with her. It's been reported that the landlord of her recent LA area home is suing her for damaging the luxury rental which reportedly costs $2.5 million.

The Shade Roon reported that the woman has the intention to fight the suit.

TSR cites the info from the Blast and reveals that a man who is named Glenn Feldman filed the suit against Keyshia and he claimed that she breached the lease and caused massive damage to the property mentioned above.

It's been reported that the damage if of $70k.

'Keyshia exclusively tells us that the damage is related to the water filter from her aquarium breaking. The now broken aquarium was created for her by the Animal Planet show Tanked , and she claims that she got insurance for that exact purpose. Keyshia claims Feldman allowed her to have the aquarium in the home on the basis that insurance was the requirement,' TSR writes.

TSR continued and said that 'She added that the people from “Tanked” are responsible for the maintenance of the tank and failed to upkeep the aquarium because the show was canceled.'

She added that Feldman is currently trying to bully her out of her money. Find out more in TSR's post below.

Someone commented: 'She is sooo unproblematic! Leave her alone!!!!!'

A follower said: 'Exactly why I video the ENTIRE house before I move in to avoid these “Damages”'

In other news, she is glowing after giving birth to her second baby boy in a new photo that has surfaced online.

The singer showed her post-pregnancy body in a cute and fashionable camouflage-inspired outfit.

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