Jennifer Lopez Is Inspiring Women To Take Pole Dancing Classes After Her Role As Ramona In Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez Is Inspiring Women To Take Pole Dancing Classes After Her Role As Ramona In Hustlers
Credit: Source: Jennifer Lopez/Hustlers/Annapurna Pictures

Jennifer Lopez is so successful in life, she has proved there is nothing that intimidates her. The fearless 50-year-old took on a role as a stripper named Ramona in the movie Hustlers where video clips of her pole dancing have been breaking the Internet. In fact, Jennifer's dance routines have inspired women around the world to take up pole dancing and the mother of twins even shared footage from her training for the dance segments on her official YouTube account. Johanna Sapakie, a veteran Cirque du Soleil performer, trained Jennifer in just six weeks. Now, more trainers are speaking out about the benefits of pole dancing and it appears this is an art form and exercise that Jennifer will continue using.

Whether Jennifer starts incorporating pole dancing in her live shows remains to be seen, but she wouldn't be the first to show off impressive moves in her shows. Pink is known for her aerial acrobatics in her live performances and some fans are wondering if they will see similar trends with Jennifer.

Jennifer is a professional dancer who began her career by winning a dance contest then landed a role on the show In Living Color as one of the dancing Fly Girls. The video of Jennifer learning how to pole dance for the movie Hustlers appears as if she picked up every move Johanna Sapakie taught her in record time.

You may see the video Jennifer Lopez shared of her pole dancing training for the role of Ramona in Hustlers in the video player below.

There is no question that Jennifer Lopez is a brilliant student as she mastered pole dancing quickly, but much of that credit must go to Johanna Sapakie. Jennifer moved a pole into her home for her training and Sapakie was on set to ensure that Jennifer succeeded in making it appear as if her character Ramona was indeed a stripper who had mastered pole dancing.

While not everyone has the luxury of working with someone like Sapakie to learn the art of pole dancing, the video of Jennifer and Sapakie has gone viral with more than 7 million YouTube views.

You may see another video of Johanna Sapakie as she masters even more incredible pole dancing moves from her official Instagram account below.

At 50-years-old, Jennifer Lopez has proved that you can be extremely fit, athletic, and sexy at any age and even learn new skills. Jennifer repeatedly showed off bruising she received during her pole dancing training and at one point stated it was the hardest training she had endured for a movie role to date.

For Jennifer Lopez, that's saying quite a bit. What do you think of Jennifer's pole dancing moves in Hustlers ? Are you inspired to give pole dancing a try?


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