Kevin Hart Is Back Home After Scary Car Crash And Still Can't Believe He's Alive

Kevin Hart Is Back Home After Scary Car Crash And Still Can't Believe He's Alive
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The actor and comedian is back home after his scary car accident and he cannot believe that he’s alive after fracturing his spine. It’s safe to say that Kevin Hart is grateful he survived.

TMZ was the first to report that Hart was allowed to check out of the inpatient rehab facility where he was being treated and he is now back home, still recovering.

In fact, the outlet reports that he still needs some intense physical therapy to be totally Okay after the serious crash he was involved in with two of his friends.

One source tells the site that Kevin ‘looked at the photos of the car crash and can’t believe anyone walked out alive.’

While it was a terrible thing to be involved in, the comedian at least has a brand new appreciation of life.

‘He really cherishes the fact that he’s alive, and wants to make the most out of it in every respect.’

After spending ten days in the hospital getting pain medication all the time to cope with his injuries, Hart was transferred to an inpatient facility.

Now, he is back home but the recovery is really just starting.

TMZ reported that there will be a physical therapist at his house most days so that they can work on his recovery.

The actor is apparently doing ‘lots of stretching’ as well as exercises with elastic bands since that helps the most in his situation.

Hart is in terrible pain most of the time but these days he is able to deal with it without taking any meds.

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