Demi Moore And Courteney Cox Look Like Twins As They Pose Together For New Pic

Demi Moore And Courteney Cox Look Like Twins As They Pose Together For New Pic
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Courteney Cox and Demi Moore look like actual twins in a new pic that Demi posted on her platform yesterday! It’s so uncanny that it’s shocking and fans can’t stop talking about it!

The actresses posed for a pic together and as soon as it reached the internet, it pretty much broke it.

In the snap, both Cox and Moore have dark hair and are wearing glasses and the resemblance is actually eerie.

And that is not just something that fans noticed! It looks like the Hollywood stars are well aware they might have been separated at birth as well!

After all, Demi captioned the pic with a challenge for the fans: ‘Who’s who?’

Here are some of the best reactions from her followers!

Many took to the comment section to write things like: ‘Are you relatives?’ / ‘Double take.’ / ‘twinning.’ / ‘sisters.’

The point is that everyone was shocked to realize how much the two actresses actually look alike.

In the meantime, both Courteney and Demi have been having a great week!

Cox is celebrating no less than 25 years since the premiere of Friends, the show that made her famous.

As for Demi, she has been making headlines because she is about to release a tell all book about her life.

The memoir is titled Inside Out and is expected to drop on September 24.

People are looking forward to it since it’s expected to be really juicy.

It’s bound to also detail the years she was with Ashton Kutcher.

Ever since the split, the actress has kept her private life away from the public, which is why people are really curious to learn all about it now.


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