Keri Hilson Reveals A Lot Of Skin In Photo Promoting New Album

Keri Hilson Reveals A Lot Of Skin In Photo Promoting New Album
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Keri Hilson has promised her fans a new album for this summer, and it looks like she is still working hard to make good on that promise.

And according to her, it might not be long at this point before people get a chance to experience her newest music.

She explained: "I don’t share much, but I’m working my as* off to get you this project. It turns out I’ll be a tad behind Summer, but we’re almost there!! ⏳"

A supporter said: "OMG, you're so naturally sexy, and I believe that you have worked hard and I appreciate you and your efforts! Girlllllllllllll take all the time in the world because we know it’s going to be amazing! Wow wow wow.😍"

This person explained: "No need to tell everyone. We will see in due time.😇😇❤️💪🏾👑It’s inspiring to watch you blossom from a gorgeous girl to an amazing woman. The best is yet to come sister🤩 watch this space. 🙌🔥"

It has been a while since music lovers last heard from Hilson on this front, although she still enjoys a very strong reputation among her fans ever since making her brilliant debut ten years ago.

What is she working on lately? It is hard to tell, and knowing Hilson, it is not unlikely that she might try something new and risky for her latest release. She has been a bit more reclusive in the last few years, withdrawing herself from the spotlight to some extent after the Beyonce debacle.

Some of her fans took that as a hint that she wanted more privacy in her new work, but others were worried that she might be coping poorly with her celebrity status.

It does not seem like the latter case is right though, as Hilson has made it clear that she not only enjoys where she is right now, but she also has the full intention to progress farther into her career as well.

Hopefully, her new work manages to live up to the expectations of her fans, as those seem to be quite high at this point.

Indeed, some people seem to be expecting at least one major hit from this album. Though looking at the past work of Hilson, that is probably a modest assumption.

Who you want her to collaborate with on the new album?

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