Michael Strahan And His Ex-Wife, Jean Muggli, Are Battling It Out In Court Over Their Twins

Michael Strahan And His Ex-Wife, Jean Muggli, Are Battling It Out In Court Over Their Twins
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The situation between Michael Strahan and his former wife, Jean Muggli, is still not very positive in legal terms, as the two are still going at it in court, accusing each other of various things to tip the balance of child support in their favor.

Recently, a significant topic in the arguments between the two has been the fact that their twin daughters --Isabella and Sophia, 14 -- have been attending regular horseback riding sessions, and the cost of that experience has been brought into question.

It was now Muggli who reportedly filed a money judgment in the case against her former husband, and both are now back in the courtroom trying to determine who is right.

Strahan previously apparently agreed to pay for part of the horseback riding sessions, but later on, the former host of Live! with Kelly and Michael tried to back out of the agreement and has failed to contribute his part of the money properly.

On top of that, Strahan has reportedly been trying to dodge some of his earlier payments, and his ex-wife now wants to see him paying her back everything he owes.

However, the current co-host of ABC’s Strahan, Sara, and Keke might have some arguments of his own, judging by recent reports, and the whole situation is starting to look quite messy for both parties.

Muggli, who had plans to move to New York City with the girls to be closer to Strahan, opted to stay in North Carolina so the accomplished riders could keep practicing.

The teens are in the middle of this all, and hopefully, they will not get affected too badly by what is going on.

It is no secret that divorce proceedings can take their toll on children, especially more serious situations like this one.

The Good Morning America co-host issued a statement on the matter to Page Six to say: “Michael has always honored his commitments regarding his children. These accusations are completely false. The reason they are in court is that Jean continuously asks for more money. Michael intends to do what is best for his children, as he always does. He is properly handling this in the court.”

During the 2007 divorce judgment, Strahan was ordered to pay $18,000 a month in child support.

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