Keri Hilson Is Forced To Address Plastic Surgery Rumors After She Posted This Beautiful Photo

Keri Hilson Is Forced To Address Plastic Surgery Rumors After She Posted This Beautiful Photo
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Keri Hilson is back in the news, and this time it is no fault of her own. The diva recently took to social media, where she posted a gorgeous photo of her entire family that features her parents, three sisters, and one brother.

The "Knock You Down" singer had fans delighted and confused at the same time. Many shared comments praising the beautiful family, while a few wondered how three sisters can look so much alike.

However, one person forced Keri to answer him after he accused her of having plastic surgery.

The critic told the talented singer/songwriter: "Your nose job was spectacular. Excellent surgery."

Keri was not having it and decided to clap back by writing: "It's called discovering the joys of contour. You can take that line a looooot places BUT here."

She added: "I've explained this a million times throughout the years. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you I've never touched any part of my body & yes, that includes my face. Now I did cover all bases for the professional skeptics?"

One fan applauded Keri: "You can clearly see that yall have like freaking perfect noses! All of yall ! Clearly, the same from youth to now! People are crazy, wtf."

Another backer said: "It’s always someone with 0 posts & a private page 🙄. You have ALWAYS been Beautiful ♥️😍 Haters gonna hate. Kudos to shutting that BS down. Beautiful family. ❤️"

This follower shared: "Keri, please stop directing your attention to people that don’t 1.uplift your spirits 2. Teach you something valuable. All this love under this post ignore the haters!"

This supporter explained: "every reaction doesn't need a reaction. Clearly, this silly person doesn't know the art of a natural black woman !!"

In the past, she addressed the nose job rumor by saying: "It's the same big my Grandma gave me & I'm not dissing her. Some of us just learn to accept our imperfections (& have discovered contour & 'angles')--now I LOVE it!"

She also said that while she is not against plastic surgery, she has not gone under the knife: "It's a personal choice, no shade whatsoever. And I can't say I was never tempted to consider it when I first hit the scene, but never seriously considered surgery of any kind. Eventually, I learned to love every flaw. And make more flattering decisions."

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

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