Kenya Moore Shares Beautiful First Family Portrait -- 'RHOA' Fans Were Not Ready For This Photo

Kenya Moore Shares Beautiful First Family Portrait -- 'RHOA' Fans Were Not Ready For This Photo
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Mama Kenya Moore has decided to share a stunning family photo where she is oozing happiness and beauty.

The businesswoman and former reality star has decided to spoil her millions of followers on social media by posting yet another dazzling picture of her baby daughter, Brooklyn, that also features her husband, Marc Daly.

Fans believe that the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has one of the most beautiful families.

One person shared this kind message with Kenya: "What a beautiful family you have and an especially beautiful daughter. In all the years I’ve been a supporter for you, this is the most genuine happiness I’ve ever noticed in you. Shining bright from the inside out girl!!! Blessing to you and your family!! You’ve inspired me to be hopeful and never to lose faith in finding all the love I’m worthy of and for that, I say Thank You! ??."

Another commenter stated: "Dear Kenya, let start by saying, good things come to those who wait. So glad that your happy and living your best life. I used to think you were beautiful before and now with all that happiness oozing from you...absolutely stunning. You have a beautiful family, and I am so happy for you. I must admit I never liked the way the ladies treated you in the Atlanta housewives. I felt they hated on you a lot. Now, look at yah “blessed” with a fine.... ass husband and a beautiful baby. Continuing blessings to you and your family!"

This person told the new mother: "I remember I used to dread her scenes because of the bitterness and the wickedness in her aura. But I guess when one is bitter, and still, on that hard journey to happiness, it can bring out the devil in someone. Kenya was bitter based on various reasons (no real mum, always hated on or misunderstood, so she had to defend her self most times, an eloquent, intelligent, no-nonsense kind of black woman, etc. etc). Now she has her dream, her baby, her man in wedlock not just a random baby papa, she waited for years, and now she has it. You can see her genuine glow. And I hope this glow never dies. Her mean nature would still be there but with the right things around her all that gets suppressed."

In a recent interview, Kenya revealed that she is eager to have a son.

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