Khloe Kardashian Looks Unrecognizable In Sizzling New Photos -- Will Tristan Thompson Like Her Shockingly Thin Figure?

Khloe Kardashian Looks Unrecognizable In Sizzling New Photos -- Will Tristan Thompson Like Her Shockingly Thin Figure?
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Hot mama alert! Khloe Kardashian is tearing up Instagram with a series of sizzling photos where she showed off her shockingly thin figure.

Tristan Thompson's baby mama is wearing a flirty pink Calvin Klein bra and matching pajama bottoms. True's mom used the ad to debut her strawberry pink hair.

Some fans are claiming that Khloe is giving them body goal, while others say she looks too skinny and malnourished and should eat some pasta instead of trying to be a "skinny legend."

One person showered the new mother with compliments by replying: "I did NOT recognize her for a good minute. Love the pink. HOLY hottie!! Love this pink hair!!! Get it Khloe!!! Fittest and skinniest you have ever been ? with a baby at that! I miss thick Khloe... but she still the baddest out of all her sisters then it’s Kendall."

Another follower said she is too thin, and she is unrecognizable: "No...this is not cool Khloe.. you know damn well you do t look like that in person... Why do you look so skinny and hungry cmon now I use to LOVEEE you and your body now you just wanna do what society want ?Cut The Sh*t!!"

This supporter stated: "Omg, u inspired me that’s body goals right there. What kind of time machine elixir of life black voodoo juju are you using and where can I get some. I love the hair!!! I've dyed my hair black to many times even to attempt the color of would kill my hair. But sure looks great on you. OMG, you are so skinny. BEAUTIFUL!! Merry Christmas to you, your precious girl and family!"

Meanwhile, it is being claimed that Khloe is getting ready for a ring to come her way this Christmas.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Khloe is excited and hoping for an engagement ring from Tristan for Christmas. He has been dropping major hints. She would be surprised if he did not get on his knee and ask for her hand in marriage on Christmas morning, or maybe even on New Year’s Eve."

The insider added: “There was a time that Khloe was not sure that she wanted to get married to Tristan, she is still apprehensive about walking down the aisle.”

The pal also shared: “But she loves Tristan, has done a lot of work to forgive him and wants to keep her small family together. Khloe’s open to taking it one step at a time with him, which is why she would say yes to a romantic holiday marriage proposal.”

Khloe is making noise left and right.

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