Kenya Moore Says She's 'Optimistic' She And Marc Daly Will Get Back Together!

Kenya Moore Says She's 'Optimistic' She And Marc Daly Will Get Back Together!
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Despite their huge fight, Kenya Moore is confident that she and Marc Daly can make it work in the end. Here is what the celebrity had to say about the status of their relationship!

During an interview with ET, the reality TV star shared her vision for a great 2020 and it includes ‘successful marriage, lots of love… Brooklyn, healthy, happy, thriving. I would say expanding businesses and fun.’

Obviously, what stands out the most in her statement was the part about having a successful marriage since the fans know all too well that she and Marc had some serious problems and even split.

They announced the separation back in September but even so, Kenya still thinks they will end up back together.

Moore revealed that ‘We had a fight and, instead of giving it time to breathe and to figure things out after that, a decision was made. Independent of me.’

However, she didn't go into detail about the reason why they fought so it’s not very clear just how serious it all was and what it was about.

They seemed like the perfect couple up to only days before the split so fans were both shocked and sad to see Kenya heartbroken once more.

With that in mind, she mentioned that ‘I appreciate the people following my journey, and viewers and fans, they've all been rooting for me, and it broke my heart, it broke their heart also, when that announcement was made. Housewives had not started, they didn't know about the struggles we were having.’

‘Once the baby came, the stress made our relationship deteriorate, and we could not find our way back to it. But all in all, I still think a rash decision was made. We're still apart, but we're better friends now than we've been in a very long time. We are co-parenting great. We're going to be going to counseling soon. So, I am optimistic,’ she went on to tell the news outlet.

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