Demi Lovato Shares The Emotional Moment She Came Out To Her Parents

Demi Lovato Shares The Emotional Moment She Came Out To Her Parents
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Demi Lovato is preparing for her performance of the national anthem at this weekend’s Super Bowl LIV, and she recently stopped by the SiriusXM show Radio Andy with Andy Cohen and opened up about her plans for starting a family, as well as how she came out to her parents.

While discussing her sexuality with Cohen, Lovato explained that she’s “still figuring it out,” and she also revealed that she didn’t tell her parents that she could see herself “ending up possibly with a woman” until 2017.

“It was actually, like emotional, but really beautiful,” Lovato said. “After everything was done I was like shaking and crying and I just felt overwhelmed.” The 27-year-old added that her “incredible parents” were “so supportive,” and her dad told her, “Yeah, obviously.” This response surprised Lovato.

She admitted that the parent she was “super nervous” about was her mom, but her response to Lovato’s coming out was extremely supportive. She told her daughter that she just wanted her to be happy, and Lovato said that was “beautiful and amazing,” and she is “so grateful” for that.

When it comes down to it, Lovato has no idea what her future looks like. She doesn’t know if she will have kids this year or in ten years, and she doesn’t know if she will do it with a partner or without.

Earlier this month, she told Zane Lowe on New Music Daily that she would like to have kids sometime during this decade. She said that when she thinks about her future in the 2020s, the idea of starting a family is “dope.”

Lovato explained that she is lucky, blessed and grateful, and her life is great and beautiful. But, she has clearly learned that if all of that made her happy, she wouldn’t have ended up where she did, which was overdosing on drugs in July 2018.

When she thinks about what makes her happy today, Lovato thinks about her family, her friends, and her team. As for her personal life, she doesn’t know if she sees it with a man or a woman, but she knows that this decade is all about starting a family.

“If it doesn’t happen this decade, maybe the next, I don’t know. We’ll see. But I would love to start doing more things that make me happy and worry less about success,” said Lovato.

Demi Lovato will be singing the Star Spangled Banner before Super Bowl LIV, which airs Sunday on FOX.

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