Kendall Jenner Coughs Up $90,000 For Her Involvement In The Fyre Festival Fiasco

Kendall Jenner Coughs Up $90,000 For Her Involvement In The Fyre Festival Fiasco
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Back in 2017, Kendall Jenner was indirectly involved in Billy McFarland and Ja Rule's Fyre Festival, when she posted a picture of beaches on her Instagram which insinuated she'd be present at the perceived luxurious festival.

As most know, the festival never came to be, or rather, it didn't pan out the way that attendees had hoped. When many of them arrived on the Caribbean island, they discovered FEMA style tents and the now infamous cheese sandwich in a styrofoam box.

Billy McFarland was eventually arrested on wire fraud charges, in other words, he was charged and convicted for lying to investors, and not even scamming people out of their money. He was sentenced to six years in a penitentiary.

According to Vanity Fair, Kendall Jenner was recently held accountable for her participation in the scandal. Gregory Messer sued Jenner in the US Bankruptcy Court of New York last year to discover clients' investments in the Fyre Festival.

Reportedly, he was trying to get back the money made from vendors, performers, as well as talent agencies. The lawsuit laid out the allegation that Jenner was paid $275,000 to post on IG to promote the festival but she never revealed it was a paid ad.

The lawsuit also states that her post led followers to believe that the Fyre Festival would include first-class culinary experiences and a private island filled with famous models. Moreover, her reference to the "GOOD Music Family" made it appear as if Kanye West and his associates would perform there, although this deal was never made.

Reportedly, Jenner agreed to pay up $90,000, which is hardly anything in comparison to her net worth. Regardless, social media users are pleased that even the most powerful are being held accountable for what they've done.

The Fyre Festival proved especially disastrous for not only for Billy McFarland, but also the rapper, Ja Rule. Since the Netflix documentary came out, Ja Rule was condemned on social media with many asking why he wasn't put in jail either.

However, Ja Rule purportedly didn't commit any crimes and therefore was never charged.

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