Hailey Bieber Fires Back Against People Who Accused Her Of Getting Plastic Surgery

Hailey Bieber Fires Back Against People Who Accused Her Of Getting Plastic Surgery
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Hailey Bieber isn't taking anything laying down. E! Online picked up on a social media post on Thursday from Hailey in which she responded to a user who accused her of getting plastic surgery. An Instagram account compared photos of her from her past and the present day to make their point.

On her account, Hailey accused the user of sharing a doctored photo. Bieber demanded them to stop using pictures that have been changed by makeup artists. She said the photo on the right wasn't what she looked like, before adding that she's never touched her face with surgery.

Bieber went on to say that if the anonymous person was going to compare photos, at least use authentic ones. Moreover, the wife of Justin Bieber stated that the idea of comparing a picture of her at 13-years-old and 23-years-old was simply ill-informed.

After coming after the person online, many of her fans did the same thing in the comment section. If you've followed the news at all, you'd know that this comes not long after Gigi Hadid responded to rumors of plastic surgery on her own account.

During an Instagram Live session, Gigi said to her makeup artist, Erin Parsons, that her face has been round her entire life. Apparently, internet users are convinced she's been getting fillers in her face to make it more round and symmetrical.

Gigi claimed the speculation only intensified during fashion month, and at that point, she was already a few months pregnant. As most know, Gigi is currently expecting her first baby with the former One Direction member, Zayn Malik.

Getting back to Hailey and her husband, Justin, fans know that they've been getting an inside look at what they've been up to through their Facebook Watch series.

In a recent episode, Justin and Hailey shared that he was actually her "personal pimple popper," and she also explained that her healthy skin is a consequence of a "strict regimen" of skincare routines. Hailey said she never goes to sleep without washing her face or with makeup on.

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