Kelly Rowland Recalls The Time She And Destiny's Child Were Viciously Booed

Kelly Rowland Recalls The Time She And Destiny's Child Were Viciously Booed
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Things weren't always going so well for the former girl group, Destiny's Child, the band that launched the career of Beyonce Knowles and made her an international sensation. Earlier this week, Kelly told the story of how she and her other bandmates were booed off stage by Summer Jam fans.

Despite the fact Destiny's Child has been hailed as one of the most legendary acts of all time, not everyone liked them at one point. According to Rowland, she and her bandmates were heavily jeered at during a performance for Hot 97's Summer Jam.

Rowland said it was a huge disappointment, but in the long run, they managed to learn an important lesson. You can check out what Kelly had to say in the YouTube video below:

According to Kelly, there was an issue of identity. They were "crossing over," so to speak, into the mainstream world. And there was a problem among some of their fans who considered them as abandoning their "black" roots.

Regarding what happened during the performance, Rowland explained that she looked in Beyonce's eyes, and she wasn't about to let her go out on stage by herself. It was a "trickle effect," where they all decided to take on the experience and the challenge together as a group.

Following their concert, Destiny's Child got off the stage and ran away from the Summer Jam festival. Kelly explained that it was a rough thing to go through at the time because they felt like they were abandoned by the community in which they grew up.

In other words, it was the space where they were first accepted by their community. Of course, Destiny's Child continued in their international success afterward. These days, Beyoncé is the remaining member who's still actively performing.

Destiny's Child, one of the highest-selling female artists of all time, consisted of Kelly, Beyonce, and Michelle Williams. All of the women involved went on to a solo career on some level. Michelle has since appeared on reality television programs such as Fix My Choir, alongside Deitrick Haddon.

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