Toni Braxton Reacted To Kelly Rowland’s Impression Of Her Singing And Fans Love Their Interaction

Toni Braxton Reacted To Kelly Rowland’s Impression Of Her Singing And Fans Love Their Interaction
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Toni Braxton has been a fan favorite for a long time. She’s been singing for many years and has accumulated tons of loyal fans over the years. In a recent situation, Kelly Rowland attempted to sing in Toni’s voice and fans have been loving their interaction.

Toni herself shared a clip of Kelly’s singing to her Instagram. Kelly had been asked in an interview to give her best impression of another singer. According to the clip, fans had screamed out Toni’s name after which Kelly had called Toni ‘Goals’. She also attempted to sing her song Un-Break my heart in the same tone as Toni.

The video was captioned, “Thanks so much for the love, sis! I don’t sing that low though… or maybe I do.” The interaction was really sweet as Toni took her impression as a compliment and made a light-hearted comment about it.

However, fans themselves flooded the comments of the post with praise for Toni’s singing. Fans seemed to agree with Kelly’s impression as they told Toni that she did in fact sing that low. Some comments from the fans included, “You do Ms. Toni but that’s what makes your voice so distinctive and beautiful.” And, “Girl yes you do! That’s why nobody can ever replace you lol your voice is unmatched and you’ll always be THE Toni Braxton LIVING LEGEND.”

Toni has also talked openly about the first time she realized she could sing. She said, “I didn’t realize I could sing until my teenage years. Singing was so much a part of me and my family. We got up, we sang, and we went to bed. I think at elementary school I realized I had a different tone. My voice was always low. I remember everyone in class singing ‘Joy to the World,’ and I was the only one who couldn’t sing it in the key. I was always the kid in the room with the low voice that made you turn around.”

She has also opened up about doubting her talent, stating, “There were moments at the beginning that I probably second guessed my talent, but I always knew that I could move people with the emotion in my voice. I have a uniquely styled voice and when you hear my sound, immediately you know that it’s me and that equals longevity in business, so I’m fortunate.”

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