Kelly Ripa Has The Best Comeback To Daughter Lola After Teen Is “Grossed Out” By Parents Sexy Throwback Photo

Kelly Ripa Has The Best Comeback To Daughter Lola After Teen Is “Grossed Out” By Parents Sexy Throwback Photo
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Kelly Ripa grossed out her teenage daughter Lola when she posted a sexy throwback of herself and husband, Mark Consuelos.

When a couple is still head over heels in love after 21-years of marriage why not flaunt it right? The Live With Kelly & Ryan host did just that when she shared a throwback of her and her hubby, with his place strategically placed on her body in a photo from ten years ago.

"#fbf 2007 Those hands" captioned the talk show host.

Ripa and Consuelos had it going on then, and they still do now, but not everyone was thrilled with the smoking hot flirt couple. Their only daughter was not impressed and shared her thoughts with her mother in the comments section.

"is the caption necessary," asked the 17-year-old/

One can't really blame Lola, who wants to see their parents be all flirty and sexy with each other, especially on social media for the entire world to see. However, the 48-year-old was not about to let her daughter shame her. Ripa had the best response to the teen.

"gurl bye," said the blonde beauty adding a waving hand empjoi.

Fans were quick to jump to the former All My Children alum's defense, praising her and her handsome husband.

"They look like great hands Kelly @youngestung is jealous," wrote one fan.

Ripa, however, made it very clear to her followers the remark was from her daughter, and it was all good. Lola Instagram handle is @youngestung, and the soap opera star made sure to point that out to the fan.

"No, she's just grossed out. That's my daughter," shared the mama bear.

The Consuelos family certainly knows how to troll each other, as well as appreciate each other.  Ripa had the best comeback for her teenage daughter but was also quick to defend the young woman after a fan called her out.

It is not unusual for Kelly Ripa to show off her handsome husband or her beautiful family. Lola's disgust at her parent's public display of affection is indeed every teenager grossed out by their parents. Guess even when mom and dad are as cool as the talk show host and the Riverdale star, they are still super embarrassing.

What did you think of Ripa's come back to her daughter, was it good or too much?

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