Kelly Ripa Delivers Touching Message Amid COVID-19 Benefit Show And Inspires Viewers To Donate!

Kelly Ripa Delivers Touching Message Amid COVID-19 Benefit Show And Inspires Viewers To Donate!
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Kelly Ripa thought people could use some positivity in their lives amid this global outbreak. That being said, while on the JERSEY 4 JERSEY benefit show, she delivered a touching, uplifting message that really resonated with many watching.

The planet is definitely going through a scary health crisis at the moment but Kelly wanted to encourage everyone by reminded them that ‘we got this.’

The Live with Kelly and Ryan host also wanted to help raise money for the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund which is why she joined the benefit show in the first place.

She delivered an amazing speech meant to push people to donate, explaining why that is so important during this time.

‘Being from New Jersey isn’t about where you were born and raised. It is a state of mind,’ she mentioned, referring to the fact that even if you are not a resident in New Jersey, donating is still necessary and welcome.

Many fans were quick to use that expression in their tweets about Kelly’s monologue and the benefit.

She mentioned that the relief fund is focused on immediate needs such as assisting doctors and feeding children amid the pandemic.

Kelly’s following words truly touched the viewers when she declared that: ‘We got this. We are made for this. We love you. We'll never forget what you are doing for us.’

The talk show co-host really wanted people to understand that the power of many is amazing!

If only a lot of people donated even a little bit, they could make a real change.

Kelly was, of course, not the only star joining the benefit.

Other big names who call New Jersey their home and were part of JERSEY 4 JERSEY, using their talents to help raise money, were Bruce Springsteen, SZA, Jon Stewart, Halsey, Danny DeVito and Jon Bon Jovi!

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