Kelly Ripa Claims Her Son Michael Conseulos Is Broke

Kelly Ripa Claims Her Son Michael Conseulos Is Broke
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According to a report from Page Six, Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos' son, Michael, has had a rough time since graduating college. Reportedly, the 22-year-old man moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn, after he finished up his degree at New York University, and now, he's learning to see what it's like to pay his own way without receiving aid from his wealthy and famous parents.

Ripa said to the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, that her son loves the freedom to do what he wants, hates paying the rent, and is now "chronically poor." Ripa joked that her son has never really "experienced extreme poverty like now."

As fans of the television show host know, Michael grew up in Ripa and Conseulos's fancy penthouse, which they first put on the market back in 2014 for $20 million. They all subsequently moved to New York's SoHo neighborhood before moving to a $27 million townhouse on the Upper East Side.

Ripa joked that, initially, her son didn't care about mere dollars and cents, and he would once never care about the $20 bill his grandparents would give him in the mail, but these days, he's a lot more appreciative of receiving a little cash wherever he can find it.

According to Kelly, now that Michael is on his own, he's called three times asking when the Halloween envelope is coming. She added, "he's experiencing being an adult." Reported first by Forbes Magazine, the outlet claimed that Ripa took home around $20 million annually as part of her Live With Kelly and Ryan television program.

Kelly and Mark also have a daughter named Lola Consuelos, who began her semester at NYU back in late August. They have another son named Joaquin.

Some on social media, in reference to this report, couldn't help notice the difference between how Ripa and Consuelos portray themselves as raising their child in comparison to Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, who were involved in the college admissions scandal.

As it was previously reported, Felicity Huffman is currently serving two weeks behind bars for her involvement in the affair.

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