Katy Perry Appears To Have A Pregnancy-Related Umbilical Hernia — See The Shocking Video

Katy Perry Appears To Have A Pregnancy-Related Umbilical Hernia — See The Shocking Video
Credit: Source: Katy Perry/Instagram

Katy Perry is in her last trimester of pregnancy and a new video that she shared has fans concerned she's developed a pregnancy-related umbilical hernia. This is a fairly common condition that can result due to additional pressure building up within the abdominal wall. Sometimes women who had a hernia but were unaware of the condition as it wasn't presenting symptoms or previously suffered from a hernia can find the problem becomes worse during pregnancy. They may also arise for the first time during pregnancy. Katy Perry showed off a video where she described her belly button as being "disgusting" but she didn't actually refer to herself as having a hernia.

Sharing a video to her Instagram stories, where she has 100 million followers,  with the words "clickbait bisch" presented as a warning, she showed off her pregnant belly and noticeably swollen belly button. She stated the following.

"You guys wanna see something gross? It's disgusting?"

Katy then asked her followers a second question.

"But do you wanna see something gorgeous?"

She then panned the camera up to her face and showed off her latest hairstyle. She concluded by saying, "That's what you get — it's a payoff for looking at my belly button."

You may see the video that Katy Perry shared on her Instagram stories below.

Fans are on edge waiting for Katy Perry to go into labor and deliver her first child. She and fiance Orlando Bloom are expecting a daughter together. Orlando Bloom shares nine-year-old son, Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Katy hasn't revealed her due date but has stated that she is due sometime in the summer. Due to Katy's size, it seems she is nearing the end of her pregnancy journey and could welcome her daughter soon.

Katy and Orlando planned to get married this summer as well, but their plans were put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has seen a recent resurgence.

What do you think about Katy Perry's video? Were you shocked to see her belly button? Do you believe she has an umbilical hernia?

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