Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Going Strong After Breakup Rumors

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Going Strong After Breakup Rumors
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After reports came out claiming that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes had allegedly broken up, many fans were seemingly worried for the future of the couple.

However, according to a recent announcement, there is nothing of that sort behind the scenes, and the two are still together.

One of the sources specifically pointed out that the recent rumors have been blown out of proportion, and that fans should relax.

An insider stated: "The rumors of a breakup and Jamie [Foxx] being single were very overblown. They have been secret with their relationship for so long, and that is what works for both of them. To both of them, their relationship is no one’s business but their own."

The person continued with: "They have been consistently in love for years, and that is not going to change anytime soon. They are in a great place, in love and very happy together."

It looks like the problem lies more with the attention fans have been giving the couple, as that is something they both do not enjoy to a great extent.

Foxx and Holmes have managed to build a strong relationship partly by remaining so private about their affairs, according to sources.

With that in mind, it probably does not make much sense to expect any additional publicity from them in the near future.

The couple does understand people’s desire to know more, but this is as far as they are willing to go in the current situation.

Hopefully, this will not affect the way anyone sees them, as Foxx and Holmes have been a very popular celebrity couple, with many people admiring the relationship between them.

However, if it is indeed true that there are no significant issues between the two, then it probably does not make sense to expect any negative announcements anytime soon, and fans should give the two the space they have requested and let them live their lives as a happy couple.

The source added: "They understand that people want to know about their relationship but moving forward they are going to continue the same path that they have been doing and just do them. It’s what has made things work, they are in a great place and [are] very much in love."

With all the breakups left and right in the celebrity world, this is at least a fresh change.

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