Porsha Williams Introduces Baby Pilar To Her Best Best Friend Shamea Morton In Delightful Picture

Porsha Williams Introduces Baby Pilar To Her Best Best Friend Shamea Morton In Delightful Picture
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Pilar Jhena McKinley may be only less than a month old, but she is already going around making new friends, according to reports.

Porsha Williams has been doing her best to transfer her social attitude to her young daughter, taking her to meet various people including her best friend, Shamea Morton.

That meeting was captured in an adorable photo that quickly made the rounds on social media.

The two also met Shamea’s own daughter, Shya Mwangi, who is just four months old herself.

As can be expected from people so active on social media, Shya also has her own Instagram page where she has been getting plenty of attention from all over the world.

Fans have already seen many photos of Porsha’s newborn, and it looks like Pilar is going to have an active presence on social media in the coming months.

Many people have expressed their admiration for the mother and her baby, and the constant stream of positive comments must have worked nicely for her confidence so far.

Some fans have expressed slight criticism towards Williams for posting her daughter on social media so much, but many agree that this is not anything out of the ordinary for a modern mother with a social media presence.

A more significant number of fans would have probably been disappointed if they got no chance to see lots of pictures of the newborn regularly, so Porsha is perhaps playing her cards right as far as keeping fans happy comes.

One fan went in that direction and stated: "If y’all don’t show these babies imma sue for emotional distress y’all make us follow y’all through pregnancy just to hide the face when y’all deliver WHY!!!!!"

A second supporter chimed in with: "The baby isn’t holding that bottle on her own and please don’t rush you will find yourself saying I wish she was little again."

An insider told Hollywood Life: "Porsha feels happier and more complete than ever before in her life after giving birth. Her maternal instincts have already kicked in, and she’s so caring and protective over baby PJ."

Another source added: "Dennis has been beyond supportive and helpful. He’s been there right by her side throughout the entire pregnancy, and she doesn’t know what she’d do without him."

What are your thoughts on Porsha posting pictures of the baby on social media?

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