Kate Beckinsale Shares Heartbreaking Post On Father's Day — Talks About Losing Her Dad At Five-Years-Old

Kate Beckinsale Shares Heartbreaking Post On Father's Day — Talks About Losing Her Dad At Five-Years-Old
Credit: Source: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate Beckinsale shared a heartbreaking post on Father's Day with her 3 million followers that has left her fans in tears. Kate lost her father at the tender age of 5-years-old and she wanted to give support to other adults who have a difficult time with holidays such as Father's Day. Kate's father was the British actor Richard Beckinsale who starred in popular series such as The Lovers, Porridge , and Rising Dump . Richard was married to Margaret Bradley with whom he had a daughter Samantha. After his divorce to Margaret, he married actress Judy Loe and the two had one child: Kate Beckinsale. Kate was five-years-old when her father suddenly passed away from a heart defect. Richard Beckinsale was only 31-years-old at the time of his death.

Kate opened up about some of the difficulties she experienced by losing her father and she said that adults shouldn't be too quick to assume their children are resilient and bouncing back. She recommended that grieving children have counseling to help them cope with loss.

Here is a bit of what Kate Beckinsale shared.

"This is my mother and me attending the “celebration of life “ memorial service for my dad. I look fine. I was shattered, heartbroken and shocked. Every time Father’s Day comes around I remember my father with such love and longing, and I remember the deep shame, loneliness, and self-loathing when I was excused from aged 5 onwards from making Father’s Day cards at school."

You may see the full post as Kate Beckinsale shared it below.

Kate shared another photo on her Instagram page in honor of her father. In this picture, her father Richard was smiling and beaming with life. A parrot was perched upon his finger while he held a drink in his other hand. A smiling Kate Beckinsale stood in front of her dad posing for the camera. The picture depicts a celebration of life as it is lived — with friends and family.

Kate captioned the photo by expressing her father's uniqueness.

"No one has ever been like you. Happy Father’s Day 🖤"

What do you think of Kate Beckinsale's heartbreaking post and message to those who find Father's Day and Mother's Day painful holidays?


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