Olivia Munn's Dog Stealer Arrested - Accused Of Trying To Give It To Another Person

Olivia Munn's Dog Stealer Arrested - Accused Of Trying To Give It To Another Person
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According to a report from Page Six, the Wag! dogwalker who reportedly stole Olivia Munn's Shih Tzu-Yorkie this past week wanted to give it to another person as a gift. After Olivia's dog was stolen from her, there was a social media campaign and police effort to get it back, which they subsequently did.

Christian Madriaga, who didn't say anything as he left the New York Police Department's First Precinct on Friday night, apparently had a lot more to say when he was nabbed by the police earlier in Queens. On the 13th of June, Madriaga, 22, was supposed to take the dog for a walk, but he canceled the appointment.

When the dog-walker was scheduled to show up, the dog was nowhere in sight. Security footage showed a man entering the South End Avenue apartment, taking the elevator, walking up to the apartment, and leaving afterward while carrying a small dog.

When the police spoke with Madriaga the following day, he told them plain and simple he was with Benny in Queens, New York. The police took him into custody not long after, and he told them he was supposed to take it for a walk, but then canceled it at the last second.

The court papers showed Madriaga had full intentions of giving the little dog to another individual. At the moment, sources don't know who he was trying to give the Shih Tzu-Yorkie too. Regardless, Madriaga was hit with charges of criminal possession of the stolen property, petit larceny, as well as burglary.

Currently, he's supposed to appear in a court of law on the 16th of July. He was reached at his home in the Bronx on Saturday morning, and he apparently walked out and yelled swear words at reporters from The New York Post.

On Friday night, Munn thanked the police as well as the company who helped return her dog. On Reddit this past weekend, during an Ask Me Anything session, a user asked her if she got her dog back, and she said, "Yes! Thank God!"

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