Kanye West Cried When Executives Bullied Him At The Start Of His Career - The Rapper Refused To Give Up On His Dreams

Kanye West Cried When Executives Bullied Him At The Start Of His Career - The Rapper Refused To Give Up On His Dreams
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According to the GOOD Music producer, Devo Springsteen, Kanye West had a brutal rise to stardom, which featured many executives and other music industry juggernauts who didn't believe in him from the start. In fact, Devo claims they would ridicule him.

These days, Kanye's power in the entertainment and fashion industry is so immense that he can pretty much do anything without his integrity or status in the industry coming under fire. Devo said in a new interview that Kanye had a rough start in the beginning.

He recalled one incident in which the rapper was mocked to his face by music executives who didn't believe in him. The rapper, at the time, and likely still to this day, believed he was the best the world had ever seen and he was slated for superstardom.

You can check out the interview below:

Springsteen said in the new interview that the disrespect Kanye received, in the beginning, was far worse than what other people have claimed. Devo claimed it wasn't just that he found it difficult to get signed. It was more brutal.

Devo went on to explain how people would ridicule him, make fun of him, and mock him until he was in tears. Even though they would treat him in this way, Devo said he still had the idea in his mind that he would be the "number one artist in the world."

Devo used Kanye's example to drive the point home on how if a person truly believes -  then anything is possible. The music producer pointed to Kanye's inner circle, many of which have gone on to become among the most respected in their industries.

For instance, Devo pointed to Don C, who, at the time, was just an assistant road manager. But now, he might be the biggest streetwear designer in the world.

According to Springsteen, Kanye's story shows how a person doesn't have to let others get them down. If you aspire to great things, they can happen as long as you believe and don't give up.

West has been in the headlines again lately for his plans to run for the 2020 presidency.

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