Cardi B Slams Hater Who Drags Her Over Kulture Still Using A Pacifier!

Cardi B Slams Hater Who Drags Her Over Kulture Still Using A Pacifier!
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The female emcee often gets criticized on social media for a lot of things, especially for her parenting and this was no exception! That being said, Cardi B is also well known for being very savage and outspoken so she did not hesitate to shoot back at a troll who shamed her for still giving her 2 year old daughter, Kulture a pacifier!

The person questioning her mom skills wondered whether or not little Kulture was a bit too old to still use one but Cardi had the perfect response.

‘How old is Cardi’s daughter? she still sucks on a pacifier smh,’ the person commented on Twitter.

The rapper was obviously not happy to read that so she was quick to tell them to ‘Have a kid first and raise them your f**king self.’

In the meantime, the online critic has deleted their post, perhaps realizing the error of their ways after seeing Cardi’s response.

As for how the mother of one even came across the rude tweet, it’s still unclear since the person did not even tag her in it.

It’s possible that some of her fans found it and told her about it.

You might know that the adorable Kulture, who Cardi shares with fellow rapper, Offset, is turning 2 years old tomorrow, July 10!

The toddler was born in 2018 and, after hiding the pregnancy for most of its term, Cardi revealed the baby bump while stunning in a white dress during a performance on SNL by slowly panning out the camera from a close shot.

It is safe to say that the moment is iconic!

While Kulture is Cardi’s first and only child, Offset is also the father of three other young ones from other relationships.

Cardi and Offset often post clips of little Kulture bonding with the other kids and it’s adorable how close they all are!

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