Kanye West Officially Takes Off His MAGA Hat And No Longer Supports President Trump

Kanye West Officially Takes Off His MAGA Hat And No Longer Supports President Trump
Credit: Source: Twitter

After announcing that he is running for President in the upcoming election, Kanye West has admitted he no longer supports President Donald Trump and he has officially taken off his MAGA hat.

In a new interview with Forbes , the Jesus Is King rapper said that he’s “taking the red hat off” after vocally supporting the POTUS in recent years. West has received a ton of criticism for his support of Trump, and now the 43-year-old admits he has his own reservations.

“It looks like one big mess to me. I don’t like that I caught wind that he hid in the bunker,” said West, in reference to Trump going underground to a White House security bunker in late May when demonstrations were taking place nearby.

West says that he will not be running as a Republican or Democrat, and instead will be campaigning as a member of his new political party: the “Birthday Party.” West explained that the name represents the fact that when he wins, “it’s everybody’s birthday.”

According to People magazine, it doesn’t look like West has registered with the Federal Election Commission to launch his campaign. And, he has missed the deadline in many states to get his name on the ballot in November.

Still, West insists this is not a publicity stunt for his new album, and he isn’t sure he would “use the word policy for the way [he] would approach things.” West admitted he hasn’t developed his foreign policy yet, and explained that he is focused on protecting America first with our great military.

“Let’s focus on ourselves first,” said West.

When it comes to taxes, West said that he hadn’t done enough research on the topic yet, but he will research it with “the strongest experts that serve God and come back with the best solution.”

For his running mate, West has selected 57-year-old Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball who describes herself as a “biblical life coach” and claims she doesn’t watch the news.

West is planning for his campaign slogan to simply be “YES!” and he wants to have some fun when he is president.

"Let’s get past all the racism conversation, let’s empower people with 40 acres and a mule, let’s give some land, that’s the plan,” said West.

Even though West claims he no longer supports Trump, he says that the President’s team is helping him get on the 2020 Presidential ballot. He admitted that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and others are helping with ballot access since he missed deadlines, and that has sparked speculation that Kanye West’s Presidential run is all an act to get Donald Trump reelected.


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