Kanye West Claims Kris Jenner Is 'Ignoring' His Calls

Kanye West Claims Kris Jenner Is 'Ignoring' His Calls
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Kanye West fans know the last few weeks have been tumultuous and controversial, to say the least. The performing artist recently took to his Twitter to accuse his wife, Kim Kardashian, of trying to lock him up.

On Monday night, the performing artist was on Twitter to post a number of bizarre messages for his fans. He says Kim tried to lock him up with a doctor. He went on to add that if fans saw he had been locked up like "Mandela," they would know why.

As it was just noted, West has claimed he is currently in the middle of running for the presidency this year. The performing artist not only put Kim on blast but also did the same for her mother, Kris Jenner, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians momager.

West wrote on his account that her and "that calmye" were no longer allowed to hang around his kids. West went on to claim that everyone in the world knows the film, Get Out , was really about him.

Furthermore, West spoke on the fact his wife has appeared in Playboy.

In case you haven't seen it, the 2017 horror movie, Get Out , follows a black man who has been trapped in a nightmare as people in the suburbs try to take advantage of him.

Fans of West know he was in the headlines again earlier this week due to his South Carolina rally on Sunday, where he began to cry after saying his wife wanted to abort their first baby together.

Page Six said on Monday that Kardashian was left "mortified" by what Kanye had said about her. Moreover, sources are claiming the rapper is currently not taking his medication.


Sources have said to other outlets that Kanye is currently going through a manic episode. Mania is a characteristic of bipolar disorder, a disorder in which an individual fluctuates between mania and depression. West has since released other tweets in which he has claimed he was going to focus on making music from now on.

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