Kandi Burruss Shows Tiny Harris Love With Her Latest Post On Social Media

Kandi Burruss Shows Tiny Harris Love With Her Latest Post On Social Media
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Kandi Burruss shows love to her pals Tiny Harris and Mimi Faust with the latest post that she shared on her Instagram account. Check it out below.

'I want to show love to @majorgirl & @mimifaust this morning. A week ago I posted about @lilicecreamdude & his ice cream/ tasty treats business. @mimifaust hired him to work at her beautiful daughter's bday party & @majorgirl hired him to work at her winter wonderland where she gave out over a 1,000 toys to families. Thanks, ladies for supporting this young man & encouraging him to continue as a young entrepreneur! I’m also hiring him for Ace’s bday that’s coming up. In 2019 let’s continue to help small business owners & especially our younger generation who are going after their dreams! ❤️' Kandi captioned her post.

Her followers congratulated her and Tiny in the comments section.

Someone commented 'You a real one!! I love you Kandi! You’ve opened my mind and inspired me to graft hard for what I want and believe in! We need more souls like you ????????'

Another follower said '@kandi @majorgirl, ladies just making sure y’all support all the black business owners. I’m a Private chef, caterer, and food truck owner. Let me get a little support. Food truck for bday parties, super bowl ??? ??Caliwaycuisine.com.'

One supporter praised Kandi, telling her 'Kandi, you are so awesome! Thank you for supporting small businesses! I hope one day you will check out @bfearless4u.'

Someone said 'Beautiful @Kandi you are always looking out for the young ones may God continues to watch over and protect your family. Happy holidays.'

Another follower posted '@majorgirl It very nice meeting you and your team. Y’all were so nice to us, especially Ms. Gene, Mr. Jeremy, and Ms. India. Thanks again for the opportunity. God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.'

Recently Kandi shared a bunch of pics from the Christmas party that she had at the restaurant Old Lady Gang.

Her fans were excited to see Mama Joyce there as well.

Anyway, congrats to these ladies who are supporting small business owners & especially our younger generation.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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