Justin Bieber Says His Real Struggle Was With Lyme Disease And Not Depression

Justin Bieber Says His Real Struggle Was With Lyme Disease And Not Depression
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In a new documentary, TMZ has learned, Justin Bieber reveals why so many people in the past thought he had been struggling severely with depression . Reportedly, it wasn't actually a mental illness, but rather a symptom of Lyme disease.

Insiders who claim to have seen the new documentary, slated for release on the 27th of January, state that Justin explains his life situation in detail, including some of the symptoms he endured a year ago.

Initially, doctors had a really difficult time discovering what was wrong with him, so his symptoms went undiagnosed and unexplained. However, after some time and much deliberation, they finally discovered what it was near the ending of 2019.

The rumors surrounding Justin's mental health first began back in October when photographs picturing him crying made the rounds on social media. Apparently, he wasn't crying over his romance with Hailey, it was actually because he was suffering for an unknown reason.

It's not entirely clear how Justin contracted the illness, however, Lyme Disease is commonly transferred to its host through a tick bite, with many of the symptoms including fever, fatigue, headaches, and rashes.

Additionally, pictures of Justin surfaced in which he had an IV bag hooked up to his arm, and doctors gave him medication that ended up causing his skin to break out.

Ironically, the Ottawa Public Health department, a healthcare organization in Canada, tweeted out a picture of Justin Bieber showing how people can wear socks to protect themselves. Putting interesting facts aside, fortunately, doctors were able to diagnose the singer-songwriter, essentially figuring out what was the root cause of his emotional and physical turmoil.

Now that doctors have him on the proper medication and therapy treatments, it's been a much easier ride since. Moreover, the artist just dropped his brand new single, "Yummy," which went to number one on the charts but received a mixed reaction from fans and critics.

Last year, Justin kept telling fans he was going to drop a new single, however, it kept getting delayed, which went unexplained in the media as well as by his fans. However, it turns out that his team just wanted to make sure he was healthy enough to unveil a new single.

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