Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Troubled Past And Heavy Drug Abuse

Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Troubled Past And Heavy Drug Abuse
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Justin Bieber decided to open up to fans about all kinds of disturbing and troubling issues from his past. He posted quite a lengthy message on his social media account which you can also check out below.

More fans told him that he managed to uplift their day with this message.

'Hope you find time to read this it’s from my heart' Justin captioned his post.

Kenny Hamilton told him: 'Love you man. Very proud of how far you have come. ❤️❤️🙏🏾 Keep sharing, keep praying, keep moving forward. We are all here to support you.'4

A person told Justin: 'Wow, thank u for the testimony.. I sure needed this 🙌🙌 God bless u forever my lil brother 🙌💚'

One follower said: 'Life is about lessons and the lessons learned. I love you and the man you have become.'

A fan posted: 'So proud of you bro. It’s very brave and extremely hard to talk about your feelings and trials and tribulations. Just know by you posting this and sharing your experience you are not only helping yourself heal but touching the lives and soul of so many across the world. You’re a true inspiration. I'm Always here for you. Love You Bro ♥️🙏'

Someone else shared: 'this is so powerful. I experienced ups and downs in my life being a “celebrity” and the point of view of the child Star is one most people and media ignore. It’s a blessing to be apart of an industry like entertainment and growing up in it is a dream. My family and friends are the ONLY reason why iv been able to keep myself true and down to earth and my head on straight. Thank you for this post @justinbieber this just uplifted my day. Thank you for the love you spread. The world needs more of you. Never stop believing.'

One other follower posted: 'We love you brother and give you the best gift we have and that’s prayer, loyalty, and love 💙💙🙏🙌 Jesus loves us all even when we can’t reason or love ourselves and his love is unmatched! Keep pushing you got it and are inspiring those who feel similar to keep fighting 🙏🙌'

Other than this, Justin is getting ready to tie the knot with Hailey Baldwin for the second time in a more traditional wedding setting than the courthouse one

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