Justin Bieber Anxious Over His And Hailey Baldwin's Second Wedding - Here's Why!

Justin Bieber Anxious Over His And Hailey Baldwin's Second Wedding - Here's Why!
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Justin Bieber's getting ready to tie the knot with Hailey Baldwin for the second time in a more traditional wedding setting than the courthouse one and he is apparently really nervous. The nuptials are expected to take place at the end to this month and the singer wants it to be ‘perfect,’ one insider report claims.

The two may already be a married couple by law but the upcoming ceremony is really important to them.

After all, the celebration of their love will be done by the books and all of their close friends and family members will be there to witness it.

Naturally, Justin is excited but the anxiety is also at a high since he wants everything to fall into place perfectly.

One insider shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Justin loves Hailey with all his heart and he wants to prove to her that they are an unbreakable couple. He wants to provide for her like none other and show her that their bond is the greatest thing that they have.’

They added: ‘So you can imagine that later this month when they get married again in front of God and friends and family, some things have weighed on him, and he’s been nervous because he wants it to be perfect and everything Hailey wants it to be. He wants to make that moment where he is his best self. There is excitement that surrounds that but it’s a nervous excitement because this will make it real and forever in his mind so he wants everything to go 100% right.’

Meanwhile, Justin’s model wife is just happy to be with him but that’s not to say she is not appreciative of his effort.

Hailey is well aware Justin is worried about the whole thing, which is why she does her best to reassure him that it can’t be less than perfect.

Since they have each other, their wedding is just bound to be the best day ever!

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