T.I. Praises Elon Musk And Sparks An Intense Debate Among Fans

T.I. Praises Elon Musk And Sparks An Intense Debate Among Fans
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T.I. shared something that Elon Musk might have said on his social media account. The message is about education, but some of Tip's fans say that these are not Musk's words.

Either way, the quote is a smart one indeed and this is something that fans agree on.

'Exactly WTF He Said‼#selfmade' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Elon Musk went to Stanford, he's an engineer that's why he was able t I start an automobile company, he definitely didn't say this, I've seen this quote being credited to 50 Cent.'

A follower posted: 'Let’s not push this foolish narrative. Most of us aren’t ‘Elon Musk.’ And he is highly educated. No one can ever take that college degree away from you folks.'

One commenter wrote: 'We must now ask him why did he choose the people who graduated Harvard.'

Someone else shared: 'I’d switch it and say don’t confuse Education with being knowledgeable.... it’s two different things... but the Concept is, you go to school to be “EDUCATED” on how to Work for somebody else ... truth, Most Successful entrepreneurs have no degree! Fax.'

A fan wrote this: 'So exactly what is the narrative here? Go to school or don’t? Is this what we want to teach our youth who can barely read, let alone comprehend? I’m a bit concerned about this narrative that is continuously being pushed into the regular population by just so happen celebrities ( the grind isn’t exempt from anyone ) education or not we all have to put in work HOWEVER make no mistake education and knowledge of your business is necessary to run it upward versus into the ground (which is why most hire—- consultants and/ or experts typically with specific degreed expertise )'

What do you think about the message that Tip shared?

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