Julia Roberts Spills Shocking Details Of The Original Pretty Woman Ending

Julia Roberts Spills Shocking Details Of The Original Pretty Woman Ending
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Julia Roberts is spilling the shocking details of what was the original ending to the hit film, Pretty Woman.

The actress chatted with Patricia Arquette for Variety's Actors on Actors series when she made a shocking revelation to fans regarding the iconic film.

It was the 1990 romantic comedy that skyrocketed Roberts to Hollywood It girl status . Moviegoers fell in love with Roberts and Richard Gere, as the unlikely couple. She was a Hollywood hooker and he a New York business mogul, who spent his days ripping companies apart. They met, fell in, and he became her prince charming.

Pretty Woman ends with Gere's Edward facing his fear of heights to climb up a fire escape to a waiting Vivian, Roberts character.

However, the Ocean's 11 actress dished to Arquette when she first signed on to the life-changing role, the ending was quite different. The entire flick was at one point titled, 3,000 and told a much darker tale.

"That movie was really dark and the ending was really heavy. It really read like a dark, gritty art movie," Arquette asked.

Roberts then recalled reading the original script and the drastically dark ending. She admitted the original flick had Vivian being tossed out of a car by a man, who then gets out and throws money at Vivian. The man then simply drives away, leaving Vivian there lying in a dirty dark alley like a piece of trash.

Although the actress struggled with taking on such a role, it was not an uncommon dilemma for young females in Hollywood. Thankfully fate intervened, and the entire film was revamped. Days after she signed on, the original movie company folded, and the movie was kaput.

Walt Disney eventually stepped up buying the rights to the flick. Garry Marshall was tapped as director, and the script was entirely reworked. Since Roberts was tied to the original movie, Marshall met with her to discuss the new romantic comedy version.

"They changed the whole thing, and it really became more something that's in my wheelhouse than what it originally was," Roberts said.

Julia Roberts dished details involving the original Pretty Woman ending. She admits she isn't sure she could have gone through with filming the original version. Ironically it is because Roberts accepted the part in the darker version that she even got the chance to meet with Marshall.

It is hard to imagine the iconic love story featuring Gere and Roberts any other way but as a romantic comedy. Pretty Woman , dark and gritty, what do you think?


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