Jordyn Woods Shares More Pics From London And Fans Cannot Get Enough Of Her: 'Live A Queen Not A Shadow Of A Fake One'

Jordyn Woods Shares More Pics From London And Fans Cannot Get Enough Of Her: 'Live A Queen Not A Shadow Of A Fake One'
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It was recently reported that Jordyn Woods left the country following the horrible scandal involving Tristan Thompson. More than the issue with Tristan and Khloe Kardashian, what probably hurts Jordyn the most is that it seems her friendship with Kylie Jenner could be over for good.

More reports have claimed that Kylie is over her and she is not considering rekindling her friendship with Jordyn ever again.

Now, Jordyn shared more pics from England in which she truly looks like a whole snack according to her fans.

She told her followers that today she would be celebrating the lash launch: 'Celebrating the lash launch tomorrow! 🍱🤗 can’t believe it’s been a year since we started creating them. 💕'

A fan told her 'You look better you deserve to not be a shadow of someone you deserve to be in the spotlight, don't ever look back it is the best thing ever happened to you believe me don't go back to them live a queen not a shadow of a fake one.'

Someone else believes that 'All these girls/women trying to throw shade at this young woman... where was that energy when the karjenners were hooking up with guys in relationships. Anyway. Jordyn, you look good.🔥'

Another supporter said 'All y’all white people saying Kylie took her wigs can stfu. It’s called being natural and she’s beautiful. Worry about the fact that God gave y’all flat asses and no lips at all.'

One commenter posted: 'Girl keep doing you. 💛 Some of these girls were bashed when they did something wrong so now they are out here being mad salty. She acknowledged her mistakes, and now she’s moving on and being amazing. 💛'

According to the latest news, Jordyn is grateful that her career did not have to suffer following the scandal.

On the other hand, Jordyn has been reportedly flooded with various business deals after the interview she had with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Now,  Jada also supports Jordyn and promotes her products  on Instagram.

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    Audra Bradley Mar 26, 2019 5:42 AM PDT

    Girl bye just ridiculous.

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