Eva Marcille Tells Fans She Works For Legacy, Not Labels - Some Fans Advise Her To Leave RHOA For Her Family's Sake

Eva Marcille Tells Fans She Works For Legacy, Not Labels - Some Fans Advise Her To Leave RHOA For Her Family's Sake
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Eva Marcille has recently shared a photo with her family, and she also had an important message that she wanted to share with her fans.

It was reported not too long ago that Eva also wanted to set some things straight regarding her wedding.

As you all know, she married Michael Sterling back on October 8th, 2018.

It was a beautiful event that had Eva’s RHOA castmates NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, Shamari DeVoe, Tanya Sam, and Marlo Hampton overcome with emotion, as well.

She recently made a video in which she explained a couple of things about the event's organization .

Here's her recent pic with her family along with the message.

'Form the desk of @miketsterling Everything we got; we earned the hard way. And every day that I wake up, I work for legacy, not labels. Motivational use only. @beenbrokebefore #sterlingsays #thesterlings #beenbrokebefore,' Eva captioned her pic.

Someone commented: 'The first time I’ve ever commented on someone’s post that I didn’t know but feel compelled to after watching that disgusting episode last night. I hope that you continue to radiate all that positive energy, along with that Cali swag you possess and rise above all the bullsh*t being thrown your way. If only women could learn how to get along and stop with the petty behavior. There’s room enough for all of us at the top. Do you Eva. Do you!'

One other supporter advised Eva to leave RHOA: 'Eva do you and your family a favor and leave the housewives franchise. First off Andy Cohen promotes nothing but mess between women of color and what I’m seeing white women as well, just about all these women are close to 50 and worrying about fashion, who has and don’t have what, makeup and lacewigs. They are petty and childish and bring nothing to the table but drama, pettiness, broken spirits, jealousy and envy amongst each other and hateful hearts.'

What do you think about what Eva posted and what her fans advise her regarding leaving RHOA?


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  • Marie A Brooks
    Marie A Brooks Mar 26, 2019 7:23 AM PDT

    I was pulling for Eva when she was on America's Next Top Model. She had everything it took to win all she needed was to be herself and never quit. She has what it takes to do anything she wants to do including or not including RHOA. She is a positive influence for RHOA in that she's doing EVA at all times and not competing with anyone but herself. The pettiness on the last episode was horrific and not nice at all. Eva owes no explanation to any of them for anything going on in her life. She is living her best life with her family and seems to be transparent. Why are they digging up dirt or listening to gossip anyway and then repeating it like girls in junior high. These are full grown women who should know the parameters or living peacefully in the world and respecting others even on a reality show. Eva do your thing, stay or leave RHOA on your own terms and do what is right for you and your family at all times. You owe them nothing but to do your job and get your pay, keep it pushing forward. Live your best life on purpose. You're beautiful and have talents so do what you do. Carry on.

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