Johnny Depp's Attorney Reveals There Is Clear Evidence Proving He Did Not Abuse Amber Heard

Johnny Depp's Attorney Reveals There Is Clear Evidence Proving He Did Not Abuse Amber Heard
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According to some reports, Johnny Depp has some brand new evidence that will prove once and for all that he is innocent in his domestic abuse case with Amber Heard. Furthermore, he will be using the said evidence in the libel case against The Sun.

As you may know, the outlet published an article by Dan Wootton that called Depp a ‘wife-beater.’

The same story also slammed J.K. Rowling for agreeing to let the actor continue starring in the Fantastic Beasts franchise despite the accusations against him.

Now, Johnny’s attorney Adam Waldman released an official statement via E! News that says: ‘Today we filed a list of evidence that we'll use to disprove the fraudulent underlying allegations against Mr. Depp.’

Supposedly, in the filing there were references to ‘dozens of video security tapes,’ in addition to ‘eyewitness statements, newly discovered sworn affidavits and deposition transcripts from 2016, and text messages between the Sun and their #metoo source.’

‘We continue to take profound witness statements in this matter,’ the lawyer added.

As you know, the suit refers to the alleged fight that took place back in April of 2016 during which, Amber claims, Johnny angrily threw a phone at her and hit her eye and cheek.

The actress also claims that he threw a ‘magnum size bottle of champagne at the wall and one wine glass on me and the floor—both which shattered.’

But in the court documents obtained by E! News, a number of witnesses stated that there were no bruises on Amber’s face that day nor were there any in the following days.

Furthermore, another source also claims that there was no smashed glass in the apartment on the day of the fight.

A third witness assured the court that the supposed ‘mark’ appeared on Amber’s face 6 days after the supposed domestic aggression against her.

And as proof, the filing includes actual footage from the security camera showing Heard with no bruises on her face.

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