Glenn Close Is Not Afraid Of Getting Older - She's Out Here Debunking Some Common Old Age Myths

Glenn Close Is Not Afraid Of Getting Older - She's Out Here Debunking Some Common Old Age Myths
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Glenn Close is up for yet another Oscar award, and she couldn't be happier about it. However, at 71-years-old, people often like to bring up her age, including in questions asking just how she manages to pull it all off. According to the Huffington Post, Glenn is actually more proud of herself than ever.

For her work in the movie, The Wife , the actress is expected to finally take home an Academy Award. She has close competition this year, as Lady Gaga's performance in A Star Is Born was hailed by critics and audiences alike.

In Close's newest movie, the actress plays the wife of a Nobel Prize winner, and it starts with an X-rated scene, despite the fact it's quite rare to see an elderly couple have intercourse on the screen. According to Glenn, it's not actually that big of a deal for her.

In fact, at this stage in her life, she has never felt more "free and creative" as she does now. The star insinuated she was pushing back against the notion that older men and women lose their sexuality as they age.

In an interview with The Guardian, Close said, "it's one of the great myths that you lose your sexuality as you get older." In many ways, the star explained, she feels more creative now than ever, but she has also had many thoughts like, "how much time do I have left now."

She said there are "so many things" that she's interested in doing, and now that Glenn feels so free, it's kind of tragic she didn't have those same feelings as a young person.

Glenn actually came to prominence for her role in the erotic thriller movie, Fatal Attraction . A scene in the film has become quite famous today, the one with co-star Jonathan Pryce. At the time, she said they both felt as if it was just a job; they were professionals on the scene.

Regarding her Oscar nomination, Close said that she was actually asleep when the nominations were announced. She had turned off her phone around that time but then woke up to great news.

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