Kevin Barnett Passes Away Tragically In Mexico At Age 32-Years-Old

Kevin Barnett Passes Away Tragically In Mexico At Age 32-Years-Old
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According to a report from Variety, unfortunately, the 32-year-old comedian, Kevin Barnett, known for the Fox comedy series, REL, has passed away while on vacation in Mexico, but it isn't currently known how he died.

Kevin's career was just starting to get big when he died, considering he recently worked on the aforementioned series, REL, along with Josh Rabinowitz and Lil' Rel Howery. Barnett and Rabinowitz appeared on Friends Of The People and as writer/producers on The Carmichael Show.

In addition to writing in House-Sitting , for the episode Broad City, he also appeared in the HBO franchise, Funny as H*ll and in Chris Rock's series, Top Five. He co-hosted the podcast, Round Table Of Gentleman , the owners of which tweeted out in commemoration of the deceased comedian.

Comedy Central as well remembered his addition to the series, Broad City , and tweeted the comic would be sorely missed. Just two days ago, the star wrote that he was in Mexico, bought himself a sweater, was "swag-heavy," and the mixtape was on its way.

Kevin joked in the Instagram post that he had been accused of cultural appropriation a few times as a result of buying a Mexican poncho, but in reality, he just bought a sweater from a woman for $5 because he was feeling a bit cold.

The comic was clearly making fun of the modern phenomena, popularized by social media, where users accuse others of unjustly appropriating a cultural practice or style from an oppressed or marginalized group or culture.

Clearly, his sense of humor didn't go unnoticed by his fans and followers. One person wrote on his social media account, "Kevin, it's such a bummer that you died so soon. I only recently became aware of your work, and it's so sad to see that you didn't even get a chance to blossom as an artist."

Since he died, his comments have been filled with fans commemorating his passing and wishing his friends and family nothing but hope and positivity for the future. Rest in peace Kevin Barnett.

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