John Mayer Doesn't Need To Read Jessica's Memoir - He Says He Already 'Lived It'

John Mayer Doesn't Need To Read Jessica's Memoir - He Says He Already 'Lived It'
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Jessica Simpson sparked a lot of controversy at the beginning of the year when she revealed her new book, Open Book , which documented some of the more trying times in her life. John Mayer was mentioned in the book at length, reports have revealed, however, he's not particularly interested in reading it.

Page Six recently reported on comments made by John Mayer while on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen . In the book, Simpson accused John of being "obsessed" with her in an unhealthy way.

Moreover, she claims their entire relationship was "manipulative" and "unhealthy." While on Andy Cohen's program, Mayer admitted he had heard a few bits about it through the grapevine, but ultimately decided he didn't need to read it because he already "lived it."

John, during his chat with Andy Cohen, joked about the classic line from Pee-Wee Herman in which he said he didn't need to watch Pee Wee's Big Adventure because he already lived through it. Mayer joked that it was the "prescient here."

Coincidentally, or perhaps not so, Simpson said she didn't care whether or not John read it. When she spoke with the New York Times about her memoir, Simpson said she wouldn't be "shocked" by anything written in the book.

Regardless of squabbles and personal dramas between the former partners, Simpson also received considerable praise for opening up about her mental health issues as well as her addiction problems.

In her memoir, Simpson claimed she used alcohol as a means of coping, especially against anxiety due to her romance with John. The star also accused John of being a part of the reason why she and Tony Romo broke up.

Apparently, it's not uncommon for men in the book not to read her memoir. Nick Lachey, whom she was married to between 2002 and 2006, also stated he didn't read a word of it. Regardless, Simpson has since moved on from both Lachey and Mayer. She's now married to the ex-NFL player, Eric Johnson, and they've been together since 2014.

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