Jessica Simpson Claims She Was Very Mad At Nick Lachey For Joking About Her Father's Sexuality

Jessica Simpson Claims She Was Very Mad At Nick Lachey For Joking About Her Father's Sexuality
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During an appearence on SiriusXM's Town Hall, hosted by the Bravo mainstay, Andy Cohen, Jessica Simpson shared her thoughts on Nick Lachey's jokes about her father's sexuality. Reportedly, Jessica isn't a big fan of Nick talking about her family.

Us Magazine reported that the 39-year-old actress/singer admits she heard about the joke, describing it as "low," and adding that it wasn't Nick's place to joke about it, especially considering he's not connected with them anymore.

Jessica said to the 51-year-old host that she was "very p*ssed" about Lachey's comments, explaining that he was just acting from a place of bitterness and felt the need to lash out.

Followers of the quasi-feud know that the 46-year-old 98 Degrees member appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen to share his thoughts on her new book and Simpson's 61-year-old father, who used to be a minister.

While on the show, Lachey joked that the best part about not dating Jessica was not having her father, Joe Simpson, around the table to play "grab a*s" with on Easter Sunday. He adds that it wasn't funny the following day, but it certainly was on the night that he made the joke.

As it was previously reported, Jessica shared the story of how her father brought a male model as a guest to her wedding back in 2014. At the time, she was marrying Eric Johnson. Jessica explained in her memoir that she realized it was crucial to simply accept her father for who he was.

After Joe Simpson and the model were spotted out in Miami in February 2014, Joe denied they were dating. He said the young man was his modeling client. In Open Book , Jessica shared her thoughts on how her father and her mother broke up after 34 years of marriage. The star explained that it was quite a shock.

Lachey, on the other hand, claims he hasn't read a single word of her new book , which documented their tumultuous relationship over the years. His wife, Vanessa Lachey, hasn't read the memoir either, he claimed.

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