Kevin Hart Says The Oscars Mishap Was A Huge Mistake On His Part

Kevin Hart Says The Oscars Mishap Was A Huge Mistake On His Part
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Back in 2018, Kevin Hart was scheduled to host the 2019 Oscars but had to back down after old tweets resurfaced. Kevin made purportedly homophobic jokes that some found offensive, so the academy asked Kevin to apologize, which he initially refused.

Now, Vanity Fair claims the actor/comedian has some regrets about the entire ordeal. Initially, Kevin refused to apologize for the decade-old tweets, even taking to the Ellen DeGeneres show to defend himself against some of the accusations.

The host of the aforementioned television show urged him to simply "ignore the haters." Now that time has passed, Hart has reflected on the controversy, explaining that he now understands why some people in the LGBT community were so upset.

During a conversation with journalists from Men's Health, Kevin explained there was a gap in his mind between what he thought the problem was and what was really the issue. Kevin has since moved on from his older style of comedy which took shots at various groups.

Hart added, "I'm a people person, I'm going to love you regardless." Followers of the controversy know that Kevin didn't want to apologize for his comments, and instead, opted to promote his upcoming movie instead which some found distasteful.

Reportedly, what changed the actor's mind was conversations he had with some of his friends, including Lee Daniels and Wanda Sykes. The star claimed he suddenly realized that he did make a crucial mistake. Regardless of Kevin's error, however, the Oscars ended up being the most-watched event in years.

Additionally, this year's ceremony will go without a host as well. It's possible that Kevin's controversy may have played a role in the academy's decision to continue without a host. In other words, Kevin may have inadvertently sparked a new tradition.

Fans of Kevin know that his last two years have involved tough times, including his extortion/infidelity dilemma, as well as his car crash earlier in 2019. Kevin showed off his scars in the newest issue of Men's Health, stating that his road to recovery will take him to the next stage of personal growth.

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