John Legend Says His Kids Are 'Happier' In Quarantine

John Legend Says His Kids Are 'Happier' In Quarantine
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The pandemic hasn't necessarily been a bad thing for John Legend, who recently spoke with Today' s Willie Geist, in promotion of his latest album. Fans of the performing artist know that he has two kids with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, including Luna, 4, and Miles, 2.

According to John, he and Teigen have spent a large majority of their time taking care of their kids and making sure they're more than entertained.

John has been playing music for the family, and they recently made an appearence on one of his live-streamed performances, which was later shared on Instagram. Legend said to Willie that most of his time in quarantine has been spent keeping his family entertained.

He even had to pause the movie he and his kids were watching to chat with Willie on the show. John says that Chrissy is especially good at keeping their kids taken care of, and to him, the happiest they've ever been has been during quarantine, partially, because they've been spending so much time together.

John went on to solemnly add that he fears his children will get used to seeing them all of the time, which will obviously change once they start traveling around the world again as part of their careers. Regarding Father's Day, Willie asked him what was going to happen for the nationwide day for dads.

John said that he had no idea what his family had planned for him, but he's definitely been working harder this Father's Day than any other on account of the new record that just came out. John just dropped Bigger Love on the 19th of June.

The piano player has said in the past that it was arguably the "sexiest album" he has ever made, following People Magazine's designation of him as the "sexiest man alive" back in 2019. John has said, however, that in reality, the album touches on a lot of other themes, including hope, joy, and love.

John went on to say that it does, however, have a bit of "good baby-making music."

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