Will Smith Says It Was 'Devastating' When Daughter Willow Shaved Her Head - He Thought It Was A 'Protest' Against Him!

Will Smith Says It Was 'Devastating' When Daughter Willow Shaved Her Head - He Thought It Was A 'Protest' Against Him!
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During a very special Father’s Day Red Table Talk episode, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith talked about their kids and things got unavoidably emotional. That being said, the actor also touched upon his reaction to their daughter Willow shaving her hair off.

Apparently, it felt ‘devastating’ and he even thought she did it as a ‘protest’ against him!

The proud dad made it very clear that the only daughter has caused him to be rather emotional ever since she was born, one of the moments when he felt that the most being when she shaved her hair as part of a modern art exhibition.

It makes sense why the dad thought she did it to spite him since her very name was linked with hair from a young age due to the song ‘Whip My Hair.’

The teen has opened up before about how hard being pushed to achieve fame so early on affected her at the time and years after.

‘She destroyed all of my belief systems,’ Will told his wife before joking about looking for his tissues

The actress added that ‘She made you have to fall back on your military style.’

Will went on to dish that ‘It was so devastating to me when she shaved her head bald. Because her record is Whip My Hair! I’m like, ‘That’s a protest against me!’ Whether it was or wasn’t that is a brilliant thing to do. I took that as a sign from the Gods that I was like, this little girl is rejecting what I’m trying to do for her. She doesn’t want it. It was like she made music, she enjoyed it and she was finished. And she was hard with it. She was crying. She was scared. But what she wasn’t going to do is do something that she didn’t want to do.’

Make sure to check out the whole episode in order to find out all the sweet things the actor had to say about his daughter and how she's changed his life.


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