Joe Performs 'Power' Theme Song In New Video As 50 Cent And Trey Songz Continue To Tease Fans -- Will 'Big Rich Town' Come Back?

Joe Performs 'Power' Theme Song In New Video As 50 Cent And Trey Songz Continue To Tease Fans -- Will 'Big Rich Town' Come Back?
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The decision to replace the Power theme song for the sixth season of the show with Trey Songz has sparked a lot of controversy among its fans, as many immediately started wondering, where Joe's voice had gone?

The legendary R&B singer, known for his smooth and deep voice, has risen to prominence through a number of hits over the years, and his inclusion as the performer of the show's theme song drew a lot of extra attention to the production.

Together with 50 Cent, he managed to captivate the audience from the very first few seconds of each episode with the “Big Rich Town” theme song.

And it looks like Joe himself has been talking about the decision to have his song replaced in good humor.

As he has recently posted a message to his fans on Instagram, telling them that they are all amazing and that he would be in touch with them once he was all settled in Africa.

He also made a shout-out to 50 Cent in the same post, noting that the two had made a classic.

50 Cent himself chimed in as well, joking about how people were talking about Trey and the fact that none of them had probably bought any CD by Joe in recent years.

He then said that he would "have to put it back the way it was."

As for Trey, he claimed that his feelings had been hurt in a post. Fans have been weighing in and are begging 50 to bring back Joe.

One said: "Nobody's playing about this situation Bossman, and we need it back by Monday."

Another commenter wrote: "I had to get on Trey Songz head too because it sounds like Yoga music 😩😩."

This fan of the R&B crooner stated: "They better put some respect on your name!!!! That version has to go!!!! Why do that on the final season?!!!! Just stupid."

A fourth follower shared: "I have loved❤️ that voice that man since 1993. We love 💕 you, Joe,❣️This literally is the only TV theme song that comes on in the club that ppl vibe to 🔥🔥🔥"

Will the original theme song come back to the show on Sunday? Was this all a clever ploy to draw more attention to the production in its sixth season? It is hard to tell, but one thing is clear -- Joe has lots of fans who love his voice are rooting for him hard.

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