Joe Biden's Eye Fills With Blood While Talking Climate Change — Some Ask If He's Fit To Be President

Joe Biden's Eye Fills With Blood While Talking Climate Change — Some Ask If He's Fit To Be President
Credit: Source: Joe Biden/Instagram

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden's eye filled with blood during the CNN town hall on climate change and the Internet is freaking out. Some are even asking if the former Vice President is fit to be president in 2020! At 76-years-old, Joe Biden is three-years-older than current president Donald Trump.  Now there are even fears that Biden might be at risk for another aneurysm, a health condition he has dealt with in the past.

While Joe Biden was speaking during the town hall event, his eye suddenly turned blood red. The incident was clearly noticed by those viewing the show and the corner of his eye completely changed color while he was speaking. Though it is unclear what caused a blood vessel in Biden's eye to burst, many people are concerned there might be a serious, underlying cause.

For many people; however, a burst blood vessel or subconjunctival hemorrhage is benign and not serious. Joe Biden didn't seem to even notice that the vessel had burst and didn't miss a beat while speaking about climate change.

You may see a photo of Joe Biden and his blood-red eye below.

At 76-years-old, Joe Biden would be in his 80s should he win the 2020 presidential election which would make him the oldest president in U.S. history. It seems that age is going to be a factor in this election and the last thing Joe Biden's campaign needs is sudden, unexplained reasons to make the public fear for his health.

There is most likely a harmless reason why Joe Biden's eye turned blood red, but many people aren't going to be satisfied unless they hear something official about the incident. It's unlikely Joe Biden is going to address the issue publicly as he hasn't released his medical information since 2008.

If this is something that just happened the one time, there shouldn't be any real cause for concern. However, if Joe Biden continues to burst blood vessels in his eyes for no apparent reason, it would be cause for alarm and he should go get his eyes checked. What do you think of Joe Biden's subconjunctival hemorrhage? Do you find it troublesome? Does it make you question whether Joe Biden is healthy enough to be president?

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