Joe Biden Confirms He Will Not Be The US President Until January 20th - He Has A Message For Everyone

Joe Biden Confirms He Will Not Be The US President Until January 20th - He Has A Message For Everyone
Credit: The Nation

The US media has already proclaimed Joe Biden as the US President, although he will not be the US President until January 20th. He also tweeted this message, along with a request for everyone.

This message comes right after his call for unity across the US.

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Check out his tweet below.

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Someone said: 'I love seeing TRUMP lose, it’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. His loss is the only reason I’m still alive; I was born to love and enjoy the failure that he has achieved.'

One other Trump hater said: 'Watching TRUMP slowly lose is not only the light of my life but gives me a reason to keep going. Watching his supporters CRY fills me with the utmost JOY and inspiration. A gift from the GODS above. They give me the right to observe his tears.'

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An anti-masker said: 'My immune system is great and I thank God for that ...with all due respect you guys should stop all this mask thing.'

Someone answered this to the person above: 'Wearing a mask is the most patriotic thing we can do right now. Even if we aren't concerned about our own lives, we can help protect others. It's a sign of respect for our fellow Americans.'

People should definitely not forget to stay safe and keep others safe regardless of their political orientation; that's for sure.

Celebrities have been celebrating the victory of Biden and Kamala Harris , and they have been following social media with all kinds of posts.

For instance, Drake  joined the ranks of many other celebrities who came out to celebrate Joe and Kamala’s win.


Drake took to his Instagram this weekend to send a congratulatory message to both parties.

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